Tree Trimming Techniques

Tree branch trimming sounds easy but in reality it is the most difficult job if done without any professional help.  It can lead to serious injuries to human or tree if not done with a proper care.  There are many tools which should be used to do tree trimming with a care.  Incorrectly done, tree trimming can also cause damage to the bark or can hinder the tree’s healing response.

Tree trimming is a science which should be done properly.  Once you have decided about tree trimming, you should also think whether you have all required equipment and skills to perform this task yourself or should take assistance of a professional, as we have had much success with Aardvark Tree Service. Sometimes, tree branches have grown up near power lines which can entangle with electricity wires and can cause a big accident.  It becomes more necessary to take a professional help to trim such branches.

There are the following few things, one should care while doing tree trimming:

  • It should be done in dormant season
  • Branches with less than 5 cm diameter should be removed
  • Find the branch collar while making a cut
  • Cut outside the branch ridge to angle your cut down
  • Use tools or machine to cut far hanging tree branches
  • Always avoid trimming strong and U-shape branches

Tree trimming is vital if you want to look your home and its landscape more attractive and beautiful. Getting rid of dead and injured branches always helps your trees look more healthy and strong. Tree trimming also helps in preventing hanging branches from falling on any person or vehicle. It not only improvise your neighborhood, but also keeps the surroundings neat and clean from dried leaves.  Tree trimming should be done at a frequent interval to help to give them opportunity to grow evenly from all sides.


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