Lawn Watering Tips

Lawn WateringImagine you toss down several glasses of water, more than you can handle, so much so that your bloated self feels it will fly up any second. Or imagine drinking so less that you end up suffering from dehydration. Lesson learned: too much or too little of something is both detrimental.

Same goes for your lawn. The bubble of your dream of a lush lawn booming with the vibrant plants can pop if you do not water it properly. Correct watering of your lawn is a pre-requisite if you wish to see verdure in your lawn. Watering too little or too often unmindful of the appropriate timings can make your garden susceptible to diseases along with the wasting of the precious and scarce resource.

Let’s dig into some of the tips that will give you an insight into the matter and protect your lawn.

Lawn watering practices not so cool

The button-downed method includes keeping an eye on early signs of dehydration in your lawn, that is if your grass turns bluish-green, or your grass blades curl up!

But hold on there are more things to be wary of.

Using water sprinklers with the sun above your head

How about keeping your ice-cream in the sun before you decide to devour it or adding an ice cube to a boiling glass of water? Funny isn’t it? Using sprinklers at high temperatures evaporates the water even before it lands on the grass. What’s the use then? You can drain it down if you are planning to waste water.

Sprinklers for the street

If you expect plants to surface from watering the coal mines, Hello?! You need to snap out of it. That won’t be happening. It’s better to indulge your energy and resources in places where you expect something might turn up one day. Words of wisdom: Pull out your in-ground sprinklers.

Watering the flowers, shrubs, and trees equally

Like every human individual, different plants too have different requirements. Not every plant would need a generous amount of water or not every plant can live off on few drops of water.

Watering every single day

This is probably not a wise way to treat your lawn. Instead of watering your lawn daily you should deeply water it once a week. Overwatering of your lawn makes it vulnerable and supports the growth of weeds. You burn down your lawn with your own hands this way.

Smart tips to a healthier lawn

Here are ways whereby you can grow a healthy and greener lawn with a modicum of water.

Pick grass that is suitable for your region

Can you make a polar bear live in Somalia? No right? Make sure you go for a grass that is adaptive to your region and tolerates the weather cadences of your area. This is how it will require less water or water that meets its requirements.

Cool-season grass type:

  1. Tall fescue develops a deep root system making it more resistant and drought tolerant of all the cool season grass types.
  2. Lawns that consist of perennial ryegrass, Kentucky bluegrass, and fine fescues can turn dormant if not watered but revive again when it rains again.

Warm-season grass type:

  1. Zoysia, St. Augustine, Bermuda and centipede grasses give birth to deep roots making them drought resistant.
  2. The warm-season grasses require less water than the cool-season ones. Your area determines how much you need to water your lawn. The soil is another factor. Clay has the ability to absorb more water and doesn’t require to be frequently watered.

Right timings

The perfect time to water your lawn is the morning timings. The air is cooler at the time and there is no threat of wind blowing the water droplets away. In the afternoon the temperature is higher, and water evaporates quickly, whereas watering late causes water to settle on the surface of the grass blades encouraging the growth of diseases.

Mowing your grass during droughts is a No No!

Cutting grass causes loss of moisture. So, do not cut during drought season. It will turn your grass dry!

Cut your grass when it reaches the suitable height

Tallgrass help is reducing the loss of moisture as it shades the ground and stays greener for long. Therefore, cut the grass only when it grows too long.

Here was a low-down on how to properly water your lawn to acquire a healthy and greener lawn. You can decorate your lawn as you please but don’t go overboard with anything. Good luck!

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