Tree Removal Cost

Tree Removal CostTree removal is a job done by a professional tree contractor usually because of these two primary reasons: if the tree is diseased or is hazardous to its surroundings. Trees growing near power lines, roads, bridges, schools, and the public area may pose a risk to the environment and hence their immediate removal.

The cost of emergency tree removal is usually more owing to the complexity of the job and various risk factors that may put the life of the contractor and people around the tree at risk. Let us look at some of the situations where a tree may be required to be removed on an emergency basis and its accepted cost.

1. Fallen Tree: A fallen tree should be removed immediately as people walking on the area may tumble down and succumb to injuries. The cost of removing a fallen tree largely depends on its size and weight. Price for fallen tree removal could go as low as a hundred dollars or way more than that.

2. Dead Pine Tree: Large tree such as an 80-foot pine tree may cost nearly $1500 to have it removed from a property. The cost does not include stump removal and limb hauling charges.

3. Tree with Branches Touching the Power Lines: The tree with its branches touching power lines should be removed. You can also have someone trim the branches instead. Depending on the type of the tree, its size, and condition, this job may cost between $75 and $1000 to have branches trimmed. Trimming of branches touching the power line will surely cost more as this is a very dangerous job.

Emergency tree removal services should be done by professionals as they are well-equipped tools and skills to take down any tree and safely dispose of it.

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